Life @ FLAME: Part VI

College life isn’t that difficult. As a fresher, It’s natural to get the first day jitters which may last for just a few days and then leave you to taste Freedom; freedom brought to you by knowledge and the sense of belonging. You may tend to overlook this while you get comfortable with the surroundings. In the end, it’s not the 1st days that matter, it’s the days to come that mean the most.

College comes with a baggage of study pressures and deadlines. So while you’re at getting the hang of new college life, It’s as important to know and enjoy your campus life too.

FLAME is all about, having fun while you learn. The campus is spread 75 acres, 13 kms from Pune city.

FLAME aims to enrich your college experience by helping you make most out of campus life. We help you engage yourself into a schedule where you wake upfresh to the soft rays of the sun, sip on your favorite brew at the nearby Café Coffee Day outlet, Head to class and handle some hi-tech gadgets, meeting tycoons from different walks of life, Create fun projects with classmates, and play some fun sport of your choice.

A routine schedule will lose its fun aspect and will tend to get monotonous and boring. At FLAME, we need not worry about this quotient much, as we have such a large arena of activities.

At FLAME you’ll never fall short of things-to-do, be it reading at the library, or a game of table tennis. There us much more for those who like outdoor activities.

FLAME has an entire golf course to offer its aspiring players, a refreshing swimming pool to wash off that stress, lawn tennis for the aggressive players, basketball, and even a football ground for the rough-n-tough. So make it a hobby or a habit, it’s totally up to you.

Besides, allowing you to plan your own field trips to Pune, via the FLAME shuttle bus, we give you the opportunity to enjoy campus life, without confining you in boundaries.