Frequenty asked questions in B-school Interviews!

Frequently Asked Interview Questions!

1. Tell me something about yourself? Or introduce yourself!

2. Where did you grow up?

3. Tell me / us something about your family background?

4. Why do you want to do MBA?

5. What are your hobbies and interests?

6. Why do you want to join our Institute?

7. What makes you stand out among other candidates?

8. Where are your career objectives / goals?

9. What kind of people do you enjoy working with?

10. What are your strengths & weaknesses?

11. Describe yourself in three words.

12. One Significant achievement in your life.

13. Who is you hero/idol and why? Or who do you admire and why?

14. Why should we select you?

15. What dose success/Failure means to you?

16. What was an experience in life that you would want to go back and change?

17. What would you like your lasting impression to be?

18. Define leadership?

19. Can business and ethics go together?

20. What managerial skills do you have?

21. What is your biggest Strength / weakness?

22. Who has inspired you in your life?

23. Have you ever managed a conflict? How?

24. What specialization do you plan to get in MBA and why?

25. Did your grades accurately reflect your ability?

26. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

27. What was your favorite subject in school/college?

28. Who was your favorite teacher and Why?

29. What has been your greatest challenge?

30. What kind of people frustrates / irritates you?

31. Why ?

32. What are you looking for in a B-school / Bank?

33. What is/are your favorite book/ movie /song / painting / author/singer /actor / artist?

34. What book have you last read?

35. Do you read news papers/ magazines?

36. What is more important to you money or happiness (Success or Money) (Money or Experience)?

37. What if you are not selected this time?

38. What is more important to you Money or type of job?

39. Do you have a final statement?

40. What qualities should a successful manager have?

41. What do you get passionate about?

42. How would your friends describe you?

43. What are your career options right now?

44. What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?

45. If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?

46. On a scale of 10, rate me as an interviewer.

47. What information do you have about our College / Bank?

48. How many marks will you give yourself out of 10 for this interview?

49. How do you associate your current degree with MBA Curriculum?

50. Where do you see yourself in 5 / 10 years from now?

51. What kind of people do you hate working with?

52. Did you prepare for the interview? What did you prepare? (prepared Que. May be asked)

53. Do you have any Questions for us to ask?