Life at SIMSR – Student Diary: Krunal Sampat

It’s not about the destination it’s about the journey

Just to set a precedent, remember Ranchod Das Chanchad saying “Kaabil bano kamyabi jhak marke piche aayegi “, same is applicable in a B-school as to say, ‘don’t run after package’.  In order to elaborate it further, enjoy your journey and hone your skills, ‘package’ will come automatically.

After working diligently with Capgemini for 3.5 years I was excited to start my journey at SIMSR with eyes full of dreams and aspirations. It all started with mad rush from Vidyavihar Station to iconic SIMSR building passing through 60-acre lush green campus, Olympic size athletic track, open chess board, various other KJ Somaiya colleges and lastly a gigantic Indian flag swaying in its full glory.

Day 1 was packed with induction activities, informal addresses by seniors, Marketing Lecture (Yes Lecture on Day 1) and an ice-breaking session with seniors who seemed content by asking questions, like tell us something quirky about yourself. As days passed, much-coveted committee selections were brought on and all 26 committees came to select the best talent. If you ever thought you could take the Roadies interview, cracking committee interviews was a glimpse of that, I’m sure you would not be disappointed because you’ll learn a lot. For a couple of days, students were juggling between lectures and committee interviews (sometimes 4 interviews at a time).

If you define your self-esteem by your academic performance, chances are you will most likely undergo an identity crisis for few weeks. Lectures were conducted from Monday to Sunday barring a few government holidays, being an autonomous college, each professor decides the curriculum and pedagogy based on industry standards. If you thought solving 1-page CAT RC was difficult then how about solving 25+ page Harvard Cases. Each subject contains a mix of presentations, Case studies, group projects, class participation, group activities, YouTube videos, assignments etc. If you’re an Engineer then do remember for Financial Accounting, Debit side should always tally with Credit side (Thank me later). If you think it was hectic how about doing committee work, attending guest lectures, live projects, certifications, participating in various quiz and contests, writing articles for various magazines and preparing for summer placements altogether.

All I would like to say is select your peer group wisely because no one is perfect and journey would be awesome when you have your gang standing by your side in your highs and lows. Lastly learn to prioritize and maintain balance between curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Krunal Sampat, MMS-A (2017-19)

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