Life at Banasthali University; one year down, three more to go

While every college girl shares many of the same college experiences, she also carves her own path and has her own unique adventure, as was the case for me. I finally came to an engineering college, a partial dream come true after two years of slogging.  What had brought me here were the high salaries that students these days were getting after getting into IIT’s, but like most of the other aspirants, I couldn’t get into an IIT and ended up in a university for women.

Truly said, salaries were a factor bigger than the urge to become an engineer, or must I say that the dream of living a high standard life was the only driving force. What I immediately noticed after coming to college was that the students who were from different parts of the country had a constant graph of very good ranks in their respective schools, but something that most of us lacked was the interest in the electrical and mechanical streams

Looking back I realize that whatever I had learnt in higher secondary level was basically done to secure good marks.
Never had I known that this attitude of mine would remain with me throughout. Engineering is something which teaches you to play with or dismantle different types of things around for the ease of humans, but very few among hundreds of students had that knack. Yet all of this had to be done.

And when the exams were around the corner the scenes at the hostel would change. Truth be said no one sees the thunderstorm approaching until it’s loud roar is heard , loud enough for everyone to know that if they didn’t start studying now, they would be swept away by this thunderstorm called exams!

But going to college has its own happiness. Even in a convent, staying away from guardians provides a lot of freedom. Hanging out with friends in the campus, sleeping in class, giving proxies, mass bunking, taking computer games seriously (in fact, very seriously), watching movies throughout the day, waking up at noon, life here is completely different when compared to the life back at school.

It hardly matters whether what we do is right or not, but we love it. Though it’s fun, college life has taught me a lot of things. Adjusting with people and tolerance are two major things. Four years is what I have to spend here with one year done, but frankly I am still not able to reply to people who ask me what engineering is all about, or what have I learnt until today, but that’s what engineering is truly about! I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I am enjoying each and every moment here, and I suppose that is the most important thing. The future will ultimately take its own course of action.

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