Life as it is

Life : one word , one word with meaning so huge and so intricately cobwebbed that its meaning becomes different for every living life. Ranging from a wada pav a day to a Lamborghini, being a seller to a consumer, a beggar to a billionaire, a peasant to a president, varsity is the norm, diversity and contrast defines life here in this plane.

Deep in thought and contemplation, one reaches a point and starts listening and analyzing, is this what a life strives for? Or is this the lifecycle which is fore written? The Answer lies within; Every enlightened being left this plane with the words ‘Let Life be measured in moments of happiness shared and not in currency rolls stacked’ (rephrasing the illuminati words).

Seen as an escapist’s route by many, Sanyaas , seems an alluring option today , at least it offers a better chance to learn why we are here; Isn’t it important for the living to understand why life is here , on this plane ? Why life is intelligent enough to judge, to question the very being of existence? It is strangely enticing how this plane has become a round robin of undirected , unknowing actions; Very wisely quoted by the Enlightened Ones ‘Everything that goes , comes back’ , why is it forgotten in this realm of unending struggle? Hasn’t life forgotten the driving motive here? Aren’t all the developments aimed for a better life? Aren’t all the fights, struggles, wars , love , peace , actions , inactions , treatise are steps towards a better plane for existence?

I flew Kites with small children almost after a decade and it was liberating; Life as we see it is far simpler than the complexities that are present in the current social fabric; We Just need to look through the right spectacles. There is more to life than meets the eye.