If it helps your score in anyway, normalisation has dealt with that one wrong question, according to CAT 2013 Convenor

A short interview with CAT 21013 Convenor Prof Rohit Kapoor from IIM Indore, the man behind this season’s exam.

Are you happy with the way the exam turned out?

Yes, everything turned out well. There were no issues with the way the exam was conducted and today, the results day. Smooth.

You think you did a good job?

I got a lot of support from my staff at IIM-Indore and I learnt a lot from the process of handling the exam. Learnt to be patient and to deal with all kinds of people. There were no problems as such but lots of work went in.

But for the first time, there was admission about a wrong question in the exam, what happened to that?

Yes, on the 10th day, there was an incomplete question. Prometric informed me about it. It has been dealt with normalisation in a way that no one unduly benefits or suffers.

There was a bit of a hitch on the site today when the results were declared.

That is because those candidates with email ids over 30 characters could not go through the process. We saved all information in the ‘country’s’ server and while doing that we forgot to amend this little thing. We sorted it out in some time. My advise would be to candidates to keep shorter email ids henceforth so that logging in is easy.

How was the experience with NIC?

Oh, they are lovely people and very co-operative. Though it was a bank holiday, they worked today to get the results out. They came to office as early as 8.30 am and got the process rolling.

Were you not present with NIC when the results were declared?

No, I was busy with my lecture. Teaching gives me great peace and I thought that was a better idea than to be at NIC. I knew the results were in good hands so was not worried. I was in Bhopal till last night since we used services of NIC Bhopal and came back to Indore very late.

Scores were tampered with only last year – what precautions have been taken this time?

First, we did all the work ourselves, no third party. Be it introducing online vouchers or asking NIC to help and not some other third party. You can say I have been extremely conservative in my approach to make sure that nothing goes wrong this time.

From here where?

Back to the classroom and teaching – what I love best.

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