LIBA, Chennai Hosts A Night of Talent, Fun and Entertainment – LIBArated

LIBArated was organized by the Student Affairs Committee of LIBA on 10th of
October at the LIBA OAT. It was an incredible clash between the two batches of
LIBA. The theme for the event was “Crosswise”, which required every group to
give a picture of two opposite poles.

The cultural evening flagged off with the Solo
Dance contest. Amongst all the amazing performances, Antonet Fehmi of the first
year bagged the first prize. During the next event, Solo Singing, the adorned stage
saw a fantastic mixture of Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and English songs being sung
by the participants and the first prize of the event was shared by Gowri and Felicia,
both from the first year. This was followed by the Group Singing contest, and the
audience were almost lost in that melody dipped music notes performed by both the

Next to happen was the most awaited event of LIBArated 2015, the Fashion
Show. The young girls and boys of LIBA donned in vivid, gaudy costumes; walked
the ramp in line with the theme, sending thrilling electrifying signals that glued the
spectators to their seats. The ‘Mr LIBArated’ title was bagged by Dennis Thomas
while Swathi J was crowned Ms ‘LIBArated’.

In the next event ‘Spoof – Moments
of laughter’, the comical play portrayed was extremely amusing and entertaining.
The final event of the evening was the Group Dance. The creative, energetic and
peppy movements to the rocking songs by the participants brightened up the
evening. The event witnessed a variety of dances right from the traditional classical
dance, to the modern western dance depicting the theme.

The overall trophy of
LIBArated 2015 was bagged by the second years after securing a whooping win in
all the group events. The stage also witnessed a fabulous guest performance from
the judges. Overall LIBArated 2015 was a lively, vivacious and scintillating cultural