[FLAME University :: Faculty Series] Shaping Young Minds by Prof. D.S. Rao

I think as pioneers in liberal education
in the country, there are about close to 400 courses running on the campus. I
think that’s the uniqueness, which you won’t get anywhere else in the country.

I think as an institution, at FLAME, what
we are trying to produce are not just the specialist in certain domains. I
think individuals who will be able to contribute to the society; who understand
various dimensions of life itself.

The education system at FLAME, with the
liberal ethos that we believe in, more or less mimics life as it goes on.
Business is not away from the society. Business operates in the social
environment. Any function operates as an integral part of society. I think that’s
what we try to bring in the life at FLAME.

It’s more about keeping the students
engaged and interested, because the students are really bright. It’s more of
interaction, debate and also challenge the students, in spite of having all
these technologies.

I think we not only just focus on the right
side of the brain, which is about your technical tools and skills and the
functional areas which we anyway equip you with. Also developing the left side
of the brain, which is understanding the society, understanding the
individuals. It is not just making profits and looking at the bottom line; but what
businesses can do to the society.

If we can inculcate a habit of continuous
learning, updating yourself, worrying and being sensitive to the environment. If
we can achieve that objective, I think FLAME has done its job.

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About Prof. D.S. Rao 

Prof. D.S. Rao holds a Masters in Management degree with Dean’s Citation from the Asian Institute of Management, Manila and a B.Tech degree with Distinction in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Warangal. He worked with the industry in various capacities for about 18 years in Atlas Copco, Kirloskar Pneumatic, ITW Signode and DGP Windsor before shifting to Academics.