Let’s face it

Now that January 14 is approaching near I am sure thousands of hearts are palpitating just with the thought of CAT results. For those who know they have a chance are indeed most feared by this phenomenon. After all, it has taken so much effort from the aspirants for this coveted exam. Nobody would like to lose at this step, nobody would like to kneel down at the door of glory for all of us (serious aspirants) has given our best shot. Our best may not be during CAT but we all have given our best for preparations. People have somehow managed to get along with the preparations while working 10 hrs a day in their office. Students have given their all they could do to balance college exams with their CAT Preparations. This article is just a feeling of what I am going through at the moment and what others like me must have gone or are going through. In 10 months of my preparations and office life, I gave up dozens of places, get together, parties where I could enjoy. I always thought weekends are my golden periods to achieve the most. But after going through so many exams this year I have realized that taking excess pressure on oneself is not the right way of doing it. I could not give my best shot in CAT but what I have realized from the experience is something I would like to pass onto others. CAT is not the end of the world, face it without fear. Now I feel if I could rewind what happened during the exam, but then it’s not possible. So I would like to wish the best for all of you (and to me too) for the CAT results. And no matter what happens just believe yourself and do not fear.

It’s not about hard work always but about how smartly you do your hard work.