First Love

Everyone will fall in love, at least for once in their lifetime. Maybe with different persons or things. Maybe at a different age. But everyone one will certainly fall in love. Even I did. That too at a very tender age: the time when I couldn’t even pronounce love, let alone spell that.

It all started at the time when “in-a-relationship” fad didn’t exist and I was too young to understand the whole thing. In the beginning, I was extremely impressed by her charm. Then slowly, it grew bigger – only as if to draw me in. Our affinity grew up along with us. With each passing day, I was growing fond of her. We used to spend hours together every day, share a lot of memories. And there were hardly a few days passed without meeting her. She would tell me all the fancied stories I could never think of. Even though I didn’t wanted to listen, she would still continue with all the stories – most of which I would forget immediately. And she wouldn’t mind at all. Things were pretty smooth between us then. But no love story ever would be complete without a few hitches. There are a few here too. Sometimes I avoided her, sometimes she avoided me. I don’t know how much my avoiding her hurt her, but hers was really painful to me. But still, I loved spending time with her.

We would meet only once in a day, but when we met we wouldn’t leave each other alone – we were literally inseparable. Everyone felt it was cute; after all I was still a kid. They thought my childhood infatuation would soon fade away but they couldn’t be more wrong. Once we reached adulthood, she was the only one I would think of most of the time. That’s because she would treat me with such love and affection. She would relieve me of all the stress. No matter how tired I was, she took care of me. She would soothe me, caress me, calm me and then relieve me of each quantum of weight I was carrying on with me. The more tired I was, the more I yearned for her, because she would rejuvenate my enervated body. And then she would get me ready for the upcoming hurdles. She was literally the pit-stop for me.

Soon I realized she was not merely an obsession. She was and is my passion and I yearn her the most. This may sound too far-fetched to say that I’m in a lifelong relationship with her. You might as well simply dismiss this statement saying I’m too optimistic. But a fact remains a fact and that fact is we are bonded for this life.

Right now I’m one of the happiest few people on this planet because my childhood love has become the love of my life. And there are no second thoughts in saying that “Sleep” completes me.

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