By Professor Gaurav Sood, Faculty of Management Studies, Manav Rachna International University.

Just a few days to go for CAT 2016. Hardly 20 days are left to buckle up the kicks. There is not enough time for a full recap of the preparation, but perfect moment for a strategy. The candidates must start with a strategy for the last few days to CAT 2016. A strategy is a must to focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on your weak areas first and then divide the time to focus on the other areas. Clearing CAT is only possible with proficiency and applying the concepts in the test and practicing your skills. The CAT aspirants can begin with the knowledge that you have your strong points and weak areas.

Chart out your performance in each section, into four main quadrants:​

1. Good Speed, Good Accuracy. Strategy: Lesser focus. You are already good.​

2. Good Speed, Bad Accuracy. Strategy: Look at your practice answers. Where is the mistake happening? Is there a pattern? Assess and improve.​

3. Bad Speed, Bad Accuracy. Strategy: Put in the most focus into this section. Work by researching on easy tips and techniques to improve the speed and accuracy for these types of questions.​

4. Bad Speed, Good Accuracy. Strategy: Practice. Practice hard. Practice more. Practice will improve speed. Get easy strategies on improving and keeping the momentum that are available online.​

The test will be held twice on December 04, 2016 i.e. one in the morning and another in the evening slot. Therefore to get comfortable with the exam timings, you should take the MOCK tests in the morning or evening as per your exam schedule. This will help you to be comfortable with exam timings.​

So, Keep Calm and Keep up the pace! Study in groups and take a break every 3 hours. If the paper is tough then do not get disappointed as everyone has the same paper with the same difficulty level.​

So go on and let the CAT out of the bag. Who knows you will strike gold!​

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