LBSIM Showcase: Hostel Facilities – Location, Mess, Security and much more!

LBSIM provides a separate hostel facility for boys and girls within a radius of 3 kms from campus.

  • Located in Dwarka, the air-conditioned accommodation is on a twin sharing basis with personal washrooms attached accommodating 70 girls and 150 boys.
  • Proper mess facility is available within the hostel and food is provided during the lunch hours in the institute itself.
  • The Institute has transport arrangements for bringing the students from the hostel to the Campus and back. Proper security arrangements are made in both Hostels.
  • The fully residential hostel helps students cope up well with the requirements of management programme and help them in group activities.
  • Also, the availability of a common room enables the students to meet their guardians or parents within the hostel premises.