I believe life gives us ample chances to explore, to dream unreal and to be acquainted with our unrevealed and disparate personality. It all depends on our perspective of recognizing those chances and grabbing the opportunities for making the dormant thoughts, ideas, talents and forces alive to become a greater person by far. I genuinely agree with the fact that centre of learning, i.e. college plays a prominent role in nurturing up the personality of an individual. I consider myself fortunate for enrolling myself in such an Institution where our thoughts and dreams are valued before anything else. I never knew that I would gain management wisdom like no one else.

MERI college has brought forth a precious gift of transforming dreams into reality by launching MERI COMMUNICATIONS, INFORMATION & MEDIA CELL (MERI MIC) A student media body and the youngest club of the institute responsible for handling PR activities of the college. It caters to the three major domains of the institute, including Public Relations, Newsletter, Media Microsite on the website and social media pages. When you are optimistic it’s always opportunity and when it’s an opportunity, just get down into the nitty-gritty of every way possible to grab it. MERI MIC is such an opportunity which teaches us to peep in ourselves and get accustomed to our unrevealed personality. MERI MIC organized many events since it’s launch. To count on some of them were MERI kavya Samvad Shrinkhala, Finance Seminar, Holi Mahotsav and many more.

I feel immense pleasure to be a part of Media Cell. I never imagined that we would develop our skills unknowingly by performing the activities of Media cell. We applied Management principles for organizing the events, we are enhancing our Interpersonal and communication skills by taking bytes of every member involved in the event. We are developing our soft skills, which is the need of the hour in such an interesting way like decision-making skills, creativity and critical thinking. If learning is this fascinating, who doesn’t want to learn and grow as a self-motivated person. There are Reporters, Camera Persons, Content writers, Editors, Creative Designers, Social Media Handlers in the Media cell and We all feel proud to be called by these team tags. We perform team dynamics to make every event successful under the guidance of our Mentors- Ms.Swati Chawla, Ms. Gurpreet Kaur Chhabra, Ms. Navneet Kaur Popli, Ms. Mansi Saxena, Ms.Deepti Kapoor.

Ms. Yukti Arora, Director – Risk Advisory Services, Deloitte at National Seminar 2019 – LIVE from MERI College

We got to experience what it feels when you are enthusiastic, excited and passionate for doing anything which triggers your capabilities, potential and interests. I can surely say that along with the Management degree, I am going to take a lot of learnings, priceless experiences, on ground and practical truths of the professional and real world with me. After all, future is not promised to anyone, but your decision is.

Sakshi Mishra,
MBA 2018-20,
Management Education and Research Institute (MERI).


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