“Last Minute CAT Preparation Tips” – Nisheet Gulati

As CAT draws near, we give you some tips to keep in handy while you write the exam which is the gateway to the top business schools in the country.

Last Minute Tips for CAT:

1. Focus on your strengths and not weaknesses. Prioritise the questions to be solved first after having a cursory look. 

2.  Do not spend too much time on a single question if you are unable to solve it. Mark them for review. You can always come back to such type of questions later but can lose out precious time on questions which can be solved with relative ease. Don’t let an emotional attachment to a question come in your way. 

3. Focus more on accuracy and less on attempting more quantum of questions. Remember you are also awarded for your accuracy in the final scaled score. A candidate with fewer attempts and more accuracy can score better than the one with more number of attempts and less accuracy. 

4. Presence of mind, using short tricks and solving questions logically is much more appreciated than doing the same in a lengthy manner and getting to the answers.

At the end of the day, “Smart work rewards in a much better way than hard work.” 

5. Make sure you have revised all your test series thoroughly multiple times before the D-Day. 

6. Arrange all the stationery items to be carried along with you a day before lest you should forget to carry any of it with you on the main day. 

7. Learn to control your adrenaline during exams. Be calm. Practise deep breathing if you are feeling nervous. 

And lastly, treat it as another day. Don’t let the significance of the day overwhelm you. Be confident and you will do just fine.

All the best!