FLAME Learner’s Series: 5 Steps to crack GD-PI

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We have reached the last part of the FLAME Learner’s Series. We will, today, focus on the importance of effective communication skills and the steps required to clear GD-PI at various universities.

Why are effective communication skills important?
Communication is an important tool in today’s interconnected world. A good university commands candidate from diverse backgrounds to come together. It is imperative that you can articulate your thoughts to your peers, faculty and the community around you in an effective manner. Good verbal and written communication skills ensure that you blend well with your peer group, make connections, and build the footprint of the brand across the globe. Admissions committees test you on your communication skills, apart from other factors, through group discussion / essay writing and personal interview.

Steps to crack the GD-PI round:

  • Update yourself: Read business and non-business newspapers every day to keep yourself updated with current affairs. Content is crucial in a group discussion and hence, you shouldn’t fall short of the same.
  • Factual Base: A group discussion is often factual in nature. It is necessary that you build your argument by quoting relevant facts and figures. Facts reflect your command on the subject matter and are critical for evaluation.
  • Initiate and Summarize: A leader is characterized by initiation. Initiate the topic & gain the first-mover advantage. If you are not very comfortable with the topic of discussion, take cue from the person who starts and ensure that you chip in at the second or third instance and not beyond that. Also, more than starting a group discussion, it is important to summarize the points discussed as it showcases you as an observant participant.
  • Add perspective: Look for moments of pause and discuss perspectives which haven’t been discussed earlier by other participants. You can add social, legal, economic, political and other takes to the discussion.
  • Focus: Time is an important element to keep track of in a group discussion. Focus on the discussion and add relevant points. Avoid using fillers like ‘basically’, ‘actually’, ‘ideally’ etc. and put forth your points directly. Also, ensure the discussion is restricted within the group members and avoid looking at the panellists.

Last hurdle – Personal Interview: A personal interview tests you on composure, confidence and the ability to handle stress amongst others. No interviewer carries a pre-defined set of questions to ask. Most interviews start with, “Tell me something about yourself”. Knowledge about yourself – purpose, short term and long-term goals – plays a big role in nailing that last step. Remember, the information that you provide in the first question will lead the interview. Give strong reasons for your choices, strengths and weaknesses. A calm and composed disposition enables you to think clearly. Hence, maintain composure and ace through the interview.
The above-mentioned suggestions will help you constructively during the final selection rounds at various universities.
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