In a battle between logic and creativity, the students at IIT Guwahati tug it to bag the prestigious title of ‘Kriti’, the annual inter hostel technical fest of IIT Guwahati. Kriti is organised every year in February by the Technical Board of the college. Students from the various disciplines come together to participate in the fest. The Da Vinci Cup, the Brainiac Cup, the Visionary Cup and the Business Cup are the four categories in which students can showcase their talent.

While the Da Vinci Cup focuses on robotics, electronics and
product designing, the business cup brings out the entrepreneur in students. This is done by linking the case studies to Stock markets and other topics. The Brainiac Cup measures the logical and analytical skills of the students and also involves projects on Game
Development and Coding. One’s ability to lead the pack is tested with events
like the Model United Nations, of the Visionary Cup.

Kriti turns out to be
an important event for the students since they get a chance to learn many
things apart from the regular academic courses of the college. This fest not
only inculcates a feeling of oneness
among the hostelers but also gives a chance to improve their problem-solving skills by giving hands-on experience. Year after year the
seniors mentor their juniors for various projects to ensure the level of the competition keeps on increasing.The
winning hostel of Kriti is decided on the basis of the overall performance in
the four cups.

In the midst of a major number of events and competitions
every year in the college, Kriti, is giving maximum exposure to the students to
develop important skills and expand their knowledge. Hence, Kriti turns out to be the most important and prestigious
competition for the student community at IIT Guwahati.

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