Kota’s coaching classes ride high on success yet again, with JEE Main, 2015 ranks

After a delay of over a week’s time, the JEE Main Ranks, 2015 were declared on Wednesday. The results bought in a lot of cheer yet again for Kota, as most of the coaching institutes claimed success. Kota’s coaching classes have grabbed over 30 ranks in Top 100 Ranks of JEE Mains with 3 ranks within Top 10.

Allen claimed the best Top Ranks in JEE Mains. Brajesh
Maheshwari, Director, Allen Career
Institute of Kota, informed that 3 students from the institute have secured a rank in the All
India Ranks (AIR) Merit list of Top 10 in the JEE Main; Sheshansh Agarwal 4th
AIR, Divyansh Pareek 5th AIR and Jai Moondra 7th AIR.

12 students from the Allen Institute have secured a rank in the Top 100 AIR Merit list. Gorika
Bang, who secured the 15th AIR in JEE Main is also the Topper in
the Girls category. He also added that 37 students have secured ranks in Top 500
and a total of 75 students have made it into the list of Top 1,000.

Bansal Classes, Kota had witnessed huge success in the JEE
Advanced, 2015 results last month with 1st rank being secured by their
student Satvat Jagwani. He has scored the 740th rank in the JEE Main. They have claimed 3 ranks, in Top 100 of JEE Main merit list; Siddhanth Arora AIR 11th, Shukrut Rao AIR 34th and
Anil Bera AIR 63rd have are the students who have secured the top ranks. Anuj Jain, who spoke on behalf of the institute,
informed that 12 of its’ students have secured a rank in the Top 500, 29 in Top
1000, 67 in Top 2,000 and 347 in Top 10,000.

The Resonance Eduventures Private Limited, Kota claimed the
lion’s share in the JEE Main Ranks. Shivraj Singh, General Manager, Resonance
Eduventures Pvt. Ltd., informed that their institute has 25,383 selections in
JEE Main Ranks. Out of the selected students, 18,657 are from Regular
Classroom Program and 6,726 are from Distance Learning Program of Resonance. He said that a total of 11 students from Resonance, 3 from the
Regular Classroom Program and 8 students from Distance Learning Program have made it to the Top 100 list from the General Category.

Career Point Institute of Kota has so far only claimed 5 ranks in
the JEE Main. Pramod Maheshwari, Chairman and Managing Director, informed that
total 5 of its’ students have grabbed AIR in JEE Mains Rank result today. Ayush
Khandelwal, Utkarsh Sinha, Kacham Praneeth, Abhinav Goyal and Meet Kumar have
got AIR 58, 70, 77, 84 and 87 respectively.

Also, Rao IIT Academy of Kota, Director, B V Rao told
that its student Vidhyasagar Naidu from Mumbai center of the institute has
bagged 1st AIR in Other Backward Caste (OBC) category and 19th
AIR in JEE Mains Ranks result that was declared. In the Scheduled Tribe (ST)
category, AT Rajratna has secured the 54th AIR and Shreyas D Beetal secured
the 66th AIR. A total of 2,610 students from their institute have
qualified, said Rao.

Motion Classes Kota also claimed success in JEE Mains
Ranks. Nitin Vijay, Managing Director of Motion briefed that, 2 students had
secured a rank in the Top 120 All India Ranks, in which Simi Karan secured
AIR-37 and Devansh Shah secured AIR-102. 18 students secured a rank in Top
1,000 and 1,187 students made it to the top 5,000. With a total of 1187
selections, Motion’s success percent is at 56%.

After the declaration of JEE Mains Ranks 2015, now the
Joint Counseling for JEE 2015 has also commenced. The students  who have got Ranks in JEE Mains would now vie
for total 34000 seats of around 87 institutions including IIT, IIIT, NIT and
other government funded central technical institutions of the country.

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