Continuing the series of initiatives to instil positivity among the student population in Kota, the District Collector of Kota, Dr. Ravi Kumar Surpur, has sent a New Year greeting letter to the students. Dr. Surpur’s letter has messages of positivity and having a relaxed approach to life, studies, and career.

After pushing coaching institutes to organize a ‘Fun Day’ for students in the last week of December 2015, Dr. Surpur came up with the idea of addressing the large student fraternity directly. The 4-page letter, filled with photos of smiling children and cartoons, is titled ‘Life is Beautiful’. The letter was sent to the coaching institutes who took up the responsibility of getting copies printed and distributed to their students across the city.

In the letter, Dr. Surpur has tried to inspire students. “The challenge is worth taking and still better news is that it is not the ultimate goal of life or it is not the only defining goal at this stage of life,” he writes, indirectly referring to their studies. Just as cartoons make everyone smile and laugh, students should see everyone as a cartoon character during tense situations at it would make them laugh, he advised. Dr. Surpur also suggests indulging in extra- & co-curricular activities like music, drawing and painting, outdoor games, and nature walks. Motivating students, he says, “You are your favorite Hero… So don’t allow this hero to fade away… suffer for stupid reasons… He has to be there… He has to fight… He has to win over himself…”

Dr. Surpur said that he wrote this letter to the coaching students to stimulate them, as usually the District Administration does not have any direct communication with them. Pramod Maheshwari, CMD, Career Point Institute, appreciated the initiative of such a letter being written among other initiatives. Brajesh Maheshwari, Director, Allen Career Institute, mentioned that the letter had already been distributed among their students. Prateek Sinha, a student, liked reading the letter, which he said was good as the Collector attempted to communicate with students directly.

Click Here to read the full letter from Dr. Surpur to Kota’s students.

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