You might not be aware of a Civil Engineer by the name Aditya Pratik Singh Sisodia. But if you are told he is a singer and rap artist better known as ‘Badshah’, your feet will start dancing to his musical tunes immediately. Aditya Pratik, aka Badshah, gave the message of following your passion and not losing heart during failure to the students of the coaching city of Kota last Sunday.

“Had I pursued a career in Civil Engineering, then ‘Badshah’ wouldn’t have emerged,” he told the media on the sidelines of his visit to Kota, when he gave a scintillating live performance at the Modi College grounds. The event was largely attended by students and youngsters. Not getting enough marks in an exam does not mean the end of the world, as taking extreme steps after losing heart is not a solution, he said about the spate of recent student suicides in the city.

“Do whatever you want in life,” Badshah counselled students, “I was not interested in engineering, but my family pushed me into an engineering college in Punjab.” He continued, “I eventually told my parents about my passion of becoming a rapper. My father initially did not understand, but he now feels proud of me when people click photographs with him and identify him as my father.”


Badshah, famous for Hindi & Punjabi film songs like “Abhi toh party shuru hui hai”, “Selfie le le re”, “DJ Waley Babu”, and others, said that everyone feels tension in life, which he tries to reduce through his music. Students were enthralled by on Sunday as they danced on his tunes during the live performance. Nischal Kumar, a student, felt that more such events need to be organized, where students can enjoy and de-stress themselves.

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