Applicants to top B-schools must know their chances of acceptance into the program. This article addresses the admission parameters at some of the top Business Schools Worldwide. 

MIT Sloan

Poets&Quants’ Top Business Ranking has placed MIT Sloan School of Management at six. 

MIT Sloan has a 14% acceptance rate, making it difficult for students seeking admission for the MBA program.

What does MIT Sloan look for in its applicants?


One of the traits that win admission at the B-school is consistency. As the admission committee scrutinizes applications for inconsistencies, one can not be too cautious to avoid any discrepancies in the application.


According to Julie Strong, a former senior director of MBA admissions at MIT Sloan, applicants who apply their talents adroitly stand a decent chance at acceptance in MIT Sloan.

Students must use their cover letters and video statements to reveal their passion to the admissions committee, says Natalie Lahiff, an MBA admissions consultant with Solomon Admissions. The admission officers would like to know what drives students and how they could contribute to the class. One way of demonstrating what a candidate brings to the table is to conceptualize their tales in the video statements.

Stacy Blackman, the founder of Stacy Blackman Consulting, illustrates examples of travelling. People passionate about travelling may speak of their travel experiences and what they took home from their trips. Candidates must use individual models and ensure they have rehearsed the video recording sufficiently before placing the final recording. 


Although experts advise applicants against stressing on scores, one must know the last accepted scores. 

What scores did the class of 2022 have? 

  • Undergraduate median GPA – 3.54
  • Median GMAT score – 720

A decent working foundation combined with vast experience plays a crucial role in the admission process.

UCLA Anderson School of Management

The UCLA Anderson MBA Essay

In 2020, the UCLA Anderson School of Management substituted a singular prompt (< 250 words) in place of essays. The prompt reads:

How have recent events influenced the impact you would like to make in your community, career, or both?

Jessica Chung, an expert MBA admissions coach at Fortuna Admissions and former Associate Director of Admissions at UCLA Anderson, has formulated a few guidelines on approaching UCLA Anderson in their essays.


When approaching the essay, Chung advocates reflecting on the variety of events that have transformed the world in recent years — the novel coronavirus crisis, for example.

Chung insists on selecting one significant event that demonstrates the student’s leadership skills or its potential. While introspecting, the applicant must connect the event to its impact on self and how the student acted. The wise student displays how the event shaped them using the context to articulate how the episode propelled them to succeed. Aspirants must utilize this space to unravel their values and passions and inspire them to pursue their goals.

Knowing what values UCLA Anderson seeks can help in shaping the prompt. Using success stories, thinking fearlessly, and driving for change are sure winners at UCLA.

Stacy Blackman urges applicants to include both the professional and personal sides of the candidacy, involving the community and the career.

When writing the essay, Chung advocates manifesting the candidature’s significance on the school. She insists on displaying the student’s passion and energy, lest the essay gets lost among the swarm of applications. It is crucial to mull over the prompt perspicaciously. The best of prompts would arouse the reader to meet the writer.

Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business

Tepper MBA Essays

Tepper values personal and professional development above everything. Full-time coaches conduct over 2,000 one-on-one sessions with MBAs every year.

The Tepper MBA essays must centralize on character. Stacy Blackman has revealed what the Tepper admissions officers expect in the essays — students who can contribute to their progressive communities.

What must the Tepper essay include?

Tepper’s essay for the class of 2022 warrants the following prompt (< 350 words):

The Tepper community is dynamic and unique. Each community member’s journey has shaped them into classmates who are collaborative, supportive, and inclusive. Describe how you have overcome adversity during your journey. What did you learn about yourself, and how has that shaped who you are? 

According to Blackman, the essay centres on character. Tepper admission committee seeks students who can enunciate what they have taken home from their experiences and challenges.

The optional essay

Tepper aspirants may use the optional essay to elucidate any exercise relevant to the application. Blackman advocates writing about academic or work-related issues (like gaps) here. Since the space is optional, the candidate must only utilize it for additional information that favours the candidature. It is okay to skip the option. 

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