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Preparing for GMAT isn’t as much of a difficult examination as everybody has made it seem. It is going to take a lot of hard work to get through it, but it is something that can be overcome with patience and effort. One can study on their own if they want or could go forward with coaching classes.  It absolutely depends on how much confidence you have in your own skills.

Some of the books to be referred are:

Sl. No. Book Publication Recent Volume Practice Test Price
1 Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set Manhattan 7th 6 147 USD
2 The Official Guide to the GMAT Review GMAC 2018 1500+ questions 46 USD
3 GMAT Math Prep Course Nova 2018 600+ math questions 38 USD
4 The Power Score GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible Power Score 2018 NA 25 USD


The best methods would be based on how one is preparing and the criteria one is preparing for. To be able to prepare for the examination properly one must start with the basics and what they are aiming for. A lot of books might be available for people that need help preparing for the examination, yet before that the aspirant needs to brush up his/her skills on the topics being covered up to a minimum. The point is to have a grasp over the basics, that would include algebra, verbal reasoning skills, quantitive aptitude, sentence correction and reading comprehension, integrated reasoning and essay.

The book available basically quantify the knowledge accumulated and helps one to prepare you for the examination.  Each book processes the workload and explains each portion properly and lays down steps and ways to help you prepare for the examination.

Preparation Tips:

  1. Focusing on the parts slightly more than the substance makes it more precise yet could be a bit tiring so, focusing on a target and the work that can be put integrated together could be better than the topics themselves, solve all that is being asked of you and sort each portion keeping that target intact. The motive would be to work on the basics in a way that all the necessities are brushed up and dealt with. With it would be recommended to finish the basics of each portion and then prepare the parts you are best at. This way you will cover up portions that are better for the aspirants.  This will make one score a better score in order to give them a better insight on what you are doing.
  2. The articles one could go through range from poetries to the newspapers to magazines. It is recommended to have a steady routine while preparing for the exams. It would be prudent to read at least an article that could help one to prepare for the examination. This way one gets a better idea on what will be there on the paper and will in further preparation in a better way.
  3. The more one had the will and intent to score the lesser time will they require while preparing for the exams. The initial stages if preparing as mentioned above are only brushing up of skills and previous knowledge in terms of the topics being covered. However, one needs to understand this the preparation works and what one needs to do achieve a good score. Simply mugging up gets one nowhere. It is prudent to divide the topics in terms of marks and the amount of time being spent of solving it. Within half an hour for each section the topics will have achieved an overall brushing up so one only needs to move forward with understanding how the questions might be set.

It is not a guaranteed solution that longer time spent bores sweeter fruits. It is the quality of time being invested that counts. One needs to understand what they are doing and how they are doing it to proceed further in the preparation of the GMAT examination. One must be calm and poised and work accordingly to score a better score and crack the deal regarding the examination. Consistency matter and so does eminent hard work that could bear better results.

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