King of the Monsters!


Director – Gareth Edwards his previous film Monster!

Lead Actor – Aaron Perry Johnson

Actress – These kind of film have little space for actress ,their role is just to display emotions like shouting,crying!

King of Monster as the name indicate i was expecting GODZILLA is playing a role of villain here ,but the movie was different package all together.This is action movie but the difference here is that all the action performed by the creatures rather than human.If you are a individual who likes story along with action, this movie is not for you.

Started with the cast and crew name along with that they were showing some kind of nuclear testing stuff [just to make you realize that the creatures are somewhere related to this nuclear materials thing].The movie started with the american scientist name brody and his wife sandra .They were working in japan as a nuclear plant supervisor faced a nuclear accident .In that accident sandra died .The government announce that the accident was some kind of natural disastrous.But Brody knew that it is something else .15 years later their son name Ford who joined us navy as bomb disposal specialist ,got a call stating that his father have been arrested in japan.He flew back to japan to see his father.His father convinced him that the accident was not a natural disaster but it was something else.Both went to the site to find the clue.Their comes the creator name MOTO.MOTO is a creature who survive fr eating radioactive element produced in the nuclear plant. There they found that two scientist Serizawa and Graham working on finding a way to destroy moto,but they are not doing do so in fear that radioactive ray coming out after killing then will put millions of life in danger.There comes, MOTO got out of their trap and started attacking civilians.Later they found female MOTO leaving somewhere else in the USA .MOTO attacking people on a regular basis .The us navy was not able to find the way to kill them.

When 30 minutes are left with the movie[some bakr was going on.!]then comes GODZILLA.Along with him comes tsunami.The scientist Serizawa gave idea that instead of killing MOTO with nuclear weapons ,let’s find a way to make them fight with GODZILLA.They somehow managed to bring them near GODZILLA .Godzilla killed both[male and female MOTO].At the same time ford destroyed their nest!.
Thats all about this movie nothing great accept three big creature fight, with a minimal human interference.

I will give ***

IF you liked Pacific RIM and Thor kind of movie this action pack will definitely appeal you.

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