Do What You Want- Like Nobody’s Watching!

5 stars restaurants charge thousands of bucks for a meal, but still some people have dinner like I had mine when my grandfather expired- In silence, like someone just died. Like any noise of cutlery will ruin their reputation. Children of the family are instructed not to make any noise and learn how to eat .Like those people sitting besides are judging. Like life is all about impressing people rather than enjoying it for oneself.

I mean I have seen people eating pizzas using all those accessories available just in order to appear poised and classy, while all they want to do is to grab hold of the slice with their hand and munch it.

This is not a matter of etiquettes, this is a matter of choice-

It’s easy to say that ‘I don’t care’ while that’s all what most people do. They care about how odd they’ll appear in a jeans and T-shirt in a marriage ceremony, when everyone else is wearing a suit! Even though suits are uncomfortable, they are a must. Like one will really find a bride for himself in the wedding wearing a suit and will end up a bachelor if he wears a t-shirt.

There are, and will always be people ‘watching’, ‘judging’, ‘laughing’ or maybe ‘commenting’ too. People do that all the time. That’s what ‘people’ are for. We are a part of them. It’s only when we believe no one’s watching that we do what we actually want to do, say what we actually want to say, in whatever pitch we like.

Eating a burger the way most of us do when we are at home- Opening the mouth wide enough to put it in, without wrapping it up half in the tissue, letting the sauce drip and not giving a damn to what the person sitting next to us is thinking. That’s a far cry for the majority.

Life is all about living. No one cares a year later what clothes we wore on what day or whether we were shouting or eating clumsily in McDonalds an year ago. So if people around are too much important, then living life on one’s own terms is not possible. What’s possible is just a life, which people think is correct for us. And it’s not worth living.