attempt no# 1

hi all i m going to writer pagalguy article to improve my English and grammar that’s what i thought before writing this article this is my first attempt.

as you realize from my username i am really weak and not so smart guy.and nigher i am an intelligent but i believe in hope faith and hard work which help me from my childhood to this day.

i like to read inspiration poem like invictus (i like that movie too)

watch inspiration movies , documentary and youtube videos.

regrading i am movie lover i love movies which teach me something give some different view and help me to grow more and more evolved .

i want to share some movie

two Hollywood movie on racing horse i don’t remember names but they inspire is about a horse which have broken leg and it is on depression days and how broke businessman and trainer teach horse and win race.

and other one is about a women who own a farmhouse and her father own pony which she raise and win race those two movie i love.

as i told i love movie weird thing is i saw movie even if i dont understand language i saw dasboot movie first in German and then in English and i love it after that i went viral and watch many documentary on youtube about uboats.

that’s all for now meet me in my second article.

about me.

a shy guy