JoSAA 2016: Spot verification, low turnout make Day 1 reporting at ARC IITB hassle-free

The first day of document verification in IIT Bombay saw a relatively low turnout of students. The IITB centre had multiple verification counters, but a crowd that could be handled by a couple of counters only. Students have been given one week to report at the ARC (Admission Reporting Centre) for verification. JoSAA has also released a list of documents required to be submitted at the ARC. Thus students have been given adequate time and instructions to accumulate their documents and free up their schedule. Students at IIT Bombay said that the procedure for verification was hassle-free due to detailed instructions uploaded on the website.

Low student turnout at IIT Bombay 

While selecting their choice online (freeze/float/slide), students were asked to confirm a date and time for reporting at the ARC. However, the ARCs had kept some amount of flexibility in those terms, as students who couldn’t make it at the scheduled time were still allowed to continue their verification without any issues. In fact, Brijesh Sharma, a student reporting at IIT Bombay, said, “We turned up at the ARC without any appointment for verification, but were allowed to stay and complete the process.” Students were facilitated with spot verification, which means that they could report at the ARC without an appointment, taken a token number and get their documents verified on the same day. The verification authorities at IITB say that the provision is made for students who miss out on their appointments due to genuine reasons. However, priority would be given to those who had confirmed their appointment before reporting.

The only inconvenience for students has been the limited number of ARCs across the country. At IIT Bombay, there were students from Kolhapur and Nashik as well, since this is the only IIT in the state. In fact, students from Bengaluru would also have to come down to Mumbai or Chennai for verification as IIT Dharwad is not an ARC.

Beyond this, the verification procedure is running smooth and quick on Day 1 of reporting at ARCs.

For further queries, students can leave their questions in the comments section, and we will get back with an answer as soon as possible. 

Inputs by Priyank Pamkar and Manaal Bhombal