JEE Main 2017: Online tougher than offline, Mathematics questions were lengthy say aspirants

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), conducted the online examination of JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) Main 2017 in different test centres across the country. This is the third year in a row when CBSE has conducted the examination both online and offline for the assistance of aspirants across the country.

Most of the JEE aspirants have taken the offline examination on April 2 and the rest will take the examination on April 8 and 9. Over 10 lakh aspirants are taking the IIT JEE examination this year.

Utkarsh Jha, a JEE aspirant from Mumbai, spoke to PaGaLGuY about his examination today and said that he found the overall paper tough. “The Mathematics portion was quite similar to the offline examination and was quite lengthy. Calculus questions were tough for me to solve. Although, I think I have got most of the questions in Physics right, the questions were a mixed bag,” said Jha. He further pointed out that the Chemistry questions in the online examination were mostly from NCERT.

Conducting online examination requires good infrastructural support at the centres. Regular power, working computers, additional back up computers, additional backup power sources for the computers in regions affected with frequent power cut are the few elements that are needed in such centres. Aspirants informed PaGaLGuY there were no major infrastructural problems felt by them during the examination today. “Our centre had all the facilities and we didn’t really face any trouble while solving the questions,” said Jha.

Ayush Agarwal from Allahabad said, he has solved 20 questions each in Chemistry and Physics, but he could only complete 15 questions in Mathematics. “Mathematics questions were quite lengthy and took a lot of time to solve. I couldn’t complete my paper on time and could solve only 15 questions in Math. I found Physical and Inorganic chemistry questions easier but Organic was a bit tough for me,” said Ayush. 

Shreyas Patekar, who has taken his online examination from a centre in Powai, Mumbai , also found Mathematics to be the toughest among the three subjects. “Chemistry was easier than Physics and Mathematics was quite lengthy and tough. I haven’t compared the offline and online questions of JEE Mains 2017 yet,” said Patekar.

Another aspirant from Mumbai, Nikhil Agarwal said that the online examination was overall tougher than that off the offline one. “I felt the Mathematics questions were lengthier and time consuming than the offline one. Physics was tricky and time consuming for me,” said Agarwal. On asking whether he had taken any coaching for the examination Agarwal answered he hadn’t and most of the questions today were from the various mock tests he has solved during his preparation.

Aspirants passing the JEE Main 2017 will be able to take the JEE Advanced on May 21 at different test centres across the country.