JEE Advanced 2016: Two Institutes claim AIR 16 Preey Shah as their student, but give up soon after

If AIR 6 Kartik Patekar had two coaching institutes vying to claim their role in his accomplishment, there were three of them in the race to lay their hands on his AIR 16 Preey Shah’s success in JEE Advanced 2016.

Of these three, the claims of two Institutes were baseless as Shah, who has scored 285 marks out of 372, had said umpteen times before that he had enrolled himself for JEE coaching at Pace Junior Science College, Mumbai.

A Kota-based and another one from Delhi first told PaGaLGuY that Shah, AIR 16, belonged to their Institute, but later chickened out from the race to claim their role in his success.

The Delhi-based Institute even had a testimony stating that Shah was its student or so it claimed. The Kota-based Institute did not want to be dragged into an argument like this. Both of them wanted to stay away. Neither of them wanted their names to be revealed nor were keen to be associated in any way whatsoever with Shah.

Dismissing all such tall claims by two Institutes, Shah’s mother said, “We don’t want to be linked to other coaching institutes. My son took coaching from only one Institute, Pace in Mumbai.”

Shah is the topper from Maharashtra. And unperturbed, he is busy celebrating his hard-earned success with friends and family.