JEE Advanced 2016: Row over AIR 6 Kartik Patekar’s coaching institute settled amicably

Success has many fathers and who would know it better than AIR 6 Kartik Patekar. Patekar made it to the list of top 10 JEE rank holders of 2016, and soon after the result was declared, he unknowingly landed himself in another row.

Patekar’s had enrolled himself at two places for coaching – one based in Delhi and another one in his hometown Indore – and both the institutes were keen to vie for a share of the claim that he could make it to the top 10 only because of them.

The Delhi-based institute had forfeited claim of the student since the beginning allowing the Indore one to take credit. On the other hand, the Indore-based Institute was apprehensive to accept its achievement so as to avoid any dispute with the Delhi Institute.

Finally, somehow the two institutes reached a consensus, following which Patekar’s Institute in his hometown has claimed his success. The Indore-based Institute has even started publicising about Patekar’s success. Patekar too has stated that he had been taking classes for the past two years from the said Institute in Indore.

All is well that ends well, isn’t it?