JEE Advanced 2016: Solve more questions to tackle uncertain pattern of exam

After JEE Mains, the next hurdle for IIT aspirants is JEE Advanced. The most differentiating aspect of JEE Advanced is its uncertain pattern. Rishiraj Singhal, a student of NIT Jalandhar, said, “The most striking feature of JEE Advanced exam is the unpredictable paper pattern.” 

The uncertainty in exam papers is mostly about marks that each question carries. The strategy that most students use while tackling any exam is based on scores that each answer gives them. This helps them optimize their strong areas and clear cut-offs.

Prof. R.L. Trikha, Director, FIITJEE, said, “Solving more and more questions on topics, which a student finds difficult, is the best way to tackle JEE Advanced.”

Sheshansh Aggarwal, AIR 58 in JEE Advanced 2015, agrees that working on one’s weak points is the way forward. About topics that he found difficult, Sheshansh said, “Chemistry was weakest so I dedicated a week to it.” He, however, didn’t favour practising questions. “It is important that our concepts are clear. Otherwise, there is no point in solving questions.” He added, “I also observed that JEE is asking more questions about concepts rather than those that deal with calculation.”