JEE Advanced 2015 toppers advise aspirants to take it easy

Next Sunday’s exam will seal the fate of more than two lakh engineering aspirants who are vying for a seat in the prestigious technical institutions across the country. Their performance in this round of exam is crucial and will decide whether or not they can realise their dream of getting into an IIT or ISM. It’s hard given the hectic nature of preparations to cover the vast syllabus for JEE Advanced. The uncertain pattern of the exam only adds to a student’s woes and leads to stress and anxiety.

PaGaLGuY spoke to three JEE Advanced 2015 toppers to know how they managed stress and made it to IIT.

For Divyansh Pareekh, who secured AIR 18 in JEE Advanced 2015, it was a game of cricket that did wonders. He said, “It is important that students relax while they are studying. I would enjoy a game of cricket or football with my cousins for half an hour or play computer games.” But he sounded a word of caution, “Computer games are addictive so I restricted myself.”

On the other hand, Sankalp Gaur, who got the 55th rank in the exam, resorted to pet therapy to beat the stress. “I am a health freak. Whenever I used to feel stressed, I would play with my pet dog. It helped me relax.”

Sheshansh Aggarwal, AIR 58 in JEE Advanced 2015, used music to unwind. “I used to study for 10-12 hours at a stretch. This schedule was strenuous. Playing the synthesiser for an hour or so used to refresh me.”