Don’t think, Just do It!

Too much of anything is good for nothing this is one of the most significant proverbs but I would like to modify this proverb to start my article with “Too much of thinking is not good for anything.” You may think that this article is another piece of advice but rest assured it is not.

You must connect this thought with your inner voice. I have seen many people advising their children to think doing something. Even I was brought up in that way, and I used to think the way as well, but it all changed after reading a novel by Varun Agarwal, an young entrepreneur from Bengaluru and I would say it brought a change in my life. So have you felt of thinking a lot but ended up doing nothing. If yes, then this article would be useful for you.

A normal person has about 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day that is 35 to 48 thoughts per minute. So do all these thoughts really end up in great results?.The answer is a big No. People plan a lot and execute less because they are worried about the outcome of their action, what if they don’t succeed?.This morbid thought stops many from pursuing their dreams.

So my advice

to such people is start aiming for the Moon, Even if you miss it, you will hit the stars. And that is

“But this does not imply that one should not plan. Don’t think too much but you should not jump

off the cliff mindlessly. But at the same time, Do not let thoughts hamper action. Just remember

that life is not to be lived according to a set of rules, but it is a beautiful experience so experience

your life in your own way and try to explore a lot.

So guys “don’t think, just do it” and experience life! And don’t fret too much over the

consequences. So live every moment and feel the change!.