ITM Navi Mumbai | International Conference on Techno Management Trend

It takes a great effort, passion, hard work and days and days of research to write a paper. Researchers invest their time in coming up with a finding which is worth showing the world. ITM‘s ICTMT gave a platform to students, corporate and researchers. The conference of 15th February 2019 was a blessing of knowledge for everyone. Findings on every sector were involved in the papers presented, starting with the biggest sector FMCG to the organised and unorganized market of Jaipur. The papers also included research on the effect of personality between online engagement and job pursuing intention. The extent of knowledge among the researchers was admirable.

Director, ITM Business School, Dr. Lakshmi Mohan started the conference by giving an insights about technologies and disruption it is creating in the market. ITM is coming up with courses that would be a blend of Industry and Academia. She quotes “Organizations have to keep up with the upgrading technology and we as an educational institute are trying to keep up with the requirements of the market.

Dr Jayanthi Ramesh introduces about the conference aims to bring together the academicians, researchers and practitioners to share their insights on the role of technology in new management trends and also introduce the whole team of ICTMT.

Professor R.S S Mani, Vice President, ITM Group of Institutions said ” It is a fantastic feeling to have a hall full of delegates. This conference is going to be a blessing of knowledge for us. ITM is innovating itself every next minute because as an institute it always has a burning desire for scaling up.” He also gave us a new ABCD letters –
A – Artifical Intelligence
B – Block Chain
C – Cloud Computing
D – Drone
E – Energy

Conference ended with the vote of thanks given Prof. Shweta Kishore

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