ITM Navi Mumbai | Cyber Security and IT Risk Management

There had been a guest lecture organized by the IT and Analytics department of ITM Business school where the guest speaker, Mr. Ashok. K Agarwal was invited to share his knowledge on cyber security and IT risk management. Students of the IT and Analytics Batch had attended this guest lecture which had been scheduled on 1st September 2018 at 2pm. The main objective behind scheduling this guest lecture was to give students an in-depth analysis of cyber-security and IT risk management. Several topics related to cybersecurity had been covered.   

Cyber Security is a currently booming topic, majority of the students who had attended this guest lecture had previously experienced these cyber-related issues most commonly through malware software which are mostly contagious in nature most often causes malfunction to electronic devices like laptops, desktops etc. However, all these important aspects of cyber security, why it is to be implemented were all discussed in detail by Mr. Ashok. K Agarwal. The overall session was interactive. Students gave a standing ovation for Mr. Ashok K. Agarwal, as he received a gift from Mrs. Yogita Negi Rawat, Assistant Professor of IT Department, as a token of appreciation for taking time of his busy schedule for making this session happen.

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