ITM Memoirs: Dharmesh Bhatia, Kotak

“ITM has given me enough knowledge and exposure that made me confident that I could achieve something in life. I have gained the knowledge and media exposure which adds to my credibility as an analyst. ITM-FM training is undoubtedly the best one can have. I have learned a lot from this very comprehensive, straightforward and instructive program. The course has given me a much better understanding of all the different interrelated applied principles in business management. Thank you very much for you has given me the keys to success. I strongly recommend ITM -FM to anyone seeking finical training. The experience at ITM Kharghar is worth it. The opportunity to learn from the plethora of diverse industry, professionals from my batch, where I was one of the few freshers, worked the best for me. I made excellent friends and also polished my personality to come out better prepared for the corporate challenges ahead. I especially recommend the course to the professionals looking for a global career ahead.”

Dharmesh Bhatia

Deputy Vice President – Research



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