‘MBA from IIT Roorkee?

Since when did IITs start offering MBA courses?

Did you write the CAT exam to get into here?’

These are just some of the many questions I have been asked, ever since I made the decision of choosing IIT Roorkee over some other reputed B-schools.

You may also have your questions as to why did I joined the institute, so will like to highlight some of the reason’s below

To begin with, I was approached by a B.Tech student of IITR to help him plan and manage his startup, which no doubt is a good opportunity for my career drive.

Also, I would like to share a few points to help you understand how IIT – R functions

Flexibility is the most important key differentiator we IITians boast off. We are given the flexibility to choose electives of our choice and plan our MBA the way we want to, all thanks to the course structure of IIT. This interdisciplinary suppleness wherein the B.Tech students are allowed to take one or two electives from our MBA course and vice versa, which is technically not possible in case of other B-schools however, it’s an educational marathon and one needs to be ready for it.

The IIT Environment will take you through a plethora of research and consulting activities throughout the campus, thereby offering ample opportunities to choose your most desired career pathway

Every month we celebrate and organise events to an extend where February mean Confluencia, Regalia while October means Thomso gets ingrained in us. We remember ever month by the event assigned to it, but this is also a part of the holistic learning experience at IIT-R and thus we call our campus one of the most celebrated campus.

The diversity and uniqueness of ideas and the pool of knowledge at our campus will provide you with a very enriching and exciting experience, something we all take pride in.

Let us not forget the Infrastructures and the Facilities provided at IIT Roorkee. We will let the campus speak for itself, but we would like to welcome you to experience our Heritage. There is no such facility of need that college cannot provide. Our department encourages extracurricular activities as much as studies. (Along with the media cell and the placement committee, the institute also has a sports committee which is equally important)

The ROI, not to mention is again a major deciding factor in choosing an IIT over an IIM or any other B-school. The widely integrated Alum base of IIT Roorkee, which I prefer not expressing in numbers, is the most significant parameter that made me chose DoMS IITR as my alma mater over other b-Schools.

All these factors are just few of the many reasons why I packed my bag and landed in Roorkee with eyes full of dreams and passion to be a techno-manager, that too from IIT Roorkee and call myself an IITian Forever!

Anandita Ghosh

MBA 2016-18,

DoMS IIT Roorkee

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