It all ended too soon (part 2)

Part 1

I gave CAT which went average and was waiting for SNAP. I gave SNAP at Ahemdabad and started with quant (20 ques in 30 minutes) Lr was always my forte. I stood 1st in last AIMSNAP and was confident about it but I was able to solve only 26 correct and 3 wrong. I always loved GK and managed to attempt 28 and last 15 minutes led me to attempt 20 odd questions, out of which I was unsure of how much were correct. After certain hiccups and all that fiasco about midnight, I finally came against my result yesterday. It says 92 percentile and in 5 seconds I was crying and wailing. I felt as if those mirrors of SIBM P and SCMHRD just broke in-front of me. The dream which I dream t and due to which I planned MBA just shattered into pieces. I scored 99.51 in LR and 99 in GK but my attempts in VA led me to failure. After wailing whole night and morning, finally got a chance to think that koi nahin SIBM banglore (maybe). Lets see whats their in CAT for me on 14th or maybe how much surprises are there ?

Hope I write something great in coming months ?