It all ended too soon

Dreams dreamt are meant to be broken and life gets tougher :)(zindageee pe tera mera kisi ka na zor hain, hum sochte hain kuch wo saali sochti kuch aur hain .

It was 29th September 2011, when I went to see a salman khan starrer BODYGUARD. The movie showed a college in which kareena kapoor was studying and my friend told me that this is symbiosis pune(I never tried to recheck that thing..) but the word symbiosis lured me and pune was icing on cake for a guy brought up in gujarat and studying engineering. We gujarati’s are always lured with the idea of studying outside gujarat as we are very much enlightened with the idea of clubs and pubs and night life that is pretty less over here.

There it was, Parth Sanghani managed to ask his friends and confront his parents about his idea of joining a B school after his engineering. Maybe that was the very first decision that I took on my own, given the fact that this was what I really wanted to do. I was awry of that weird typical IT engineering though I have almost 13 cousins in software industry. Moreover, for a guy in 3rd sem, I found myself a mature being to take decision about my future life and given that I always loved debates, elocution, writing ,etc felt that yes I am made for MBA(maybe marketing or HR ).

I went to Time baroda and met the marketing person over there who with his profane skills almost made me drink coffee in SIBM PUNE after 2 years. The story started CAT 13 batch and its wonderful yet atrocious journey :D. 2011 ended and I was ,”oh man I have read almost 30 novels right from my childhood, I am good at English and I scored 98 in maths in 10th, so I am good at it too (Lets dream SIBM pune)”. By the end of 2012 I felt obviously 97 percentile in CAT and snap is a cake walk. As soon as 2013 started and the pressure of engineering and CAT, I felt wait a second man , this isn’t that easy as it looks. As AIMCATS started I started doubting myself if even I have done my schooling in English medium? My pathetic marks in VA made me look sullen and disappointed which led me to stop writing my blog. Soon the echoes of me preparing for MBA reached surroundings and people started calling me Mr MBA and made me reach in IIM or SIBM but it was me who started losing hope and even cried under pressure during final last month

part 2

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