Young aspirants who envision a future in management and business always find themselves attracted to the flashy MBA degree. The point that remains amiss because of this dazzling fascination is the existence of a much better and much more competitive PGDM course. Due to a lack of awareness, many people miss out on the numerous advantages of a PGDM course. 

Out of the manifold advantages, the primary ones are rigorous, fast-paced, and real-time exposure to the industry in a PGDM course. PGDM integrates a more practical experience of the industry rather than sticking to the traditional MBA syllabus. Through this, an individual will get a holistic exposure to real-time management problems. Hence, it will effectuate skill enhancement.

Here are the top 8 benefits of pursuing a PGDM degree:

1. AICTE Approved

AICTE approves all the PGDM courses. Therefore, the curriculum is more rigorous than that traditionally set. Suited best for the modern industry’s requirements, the curriculum is also updated from time to time. The AICTE approval allows colleges to design their curriculum uniquely. Students with this affiliation are also eligible to apply for loans.

2. Curriculum Perks

Given the changing times and the evolution of newer domains such as marketing analytics, business analytics, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, among many others, the PGDM course ensures that all changes in the curriculum are made to meet the new demands of the business world. This results in the culmination of industry-ready individuals post the completion of PGDM. They also integrate students through novel pedagogical methods like internships, projects, boot camps, and webinars.

3. Skill Enhancement

When a student leaves the classroom and integrates with the real-world setup through industry collaboration in PGDM, they improve various skills. With the skills to work in a rigorous corporate environment, a go-getter attitude, industry-specific skills, and even interpersonal skills, a PGDM course offers many opportunities for students to build up their skillsets.

4. Specialization

A PGDM student has the liberty to specialize in any of the upcoming sub-fields. They also have the option of pursuing a dual specialization. Marketing, finance, Business Analytics, and sales are just a few examples of industry-specific and job-specific domains.

5. Edge in the Job Market

A PGDM student has an edge towards landing a job instead of one with an MBA degree in terms of employability.  This is because the industry demands individuals who have had exposure to the industry and know its nitty-gritty. This is also becoming true in terms of placements, as PGDM students get better job profiles.

6. Better Industry Survival

Shifting from B-School life to the industry is not a tough transition for PGDM students as they have been familiarized with the overall rigour of the industry in their curriculum. This thereby effectuates a better industry survival rate and more growth in the industry.

7. Diversity

It is true that when we have a diverse set of peers around us, we tend to learn better. The PGDM batch is the perfect integration of diversity. Many experienced professionals opt for a PGDM course, and even freshers opt for it as well, hence, making a diverse classroom for everyone to integrate into it.

8. Industry Experts as Mentors

One of the most important advantages of a PGDM course is how it integrates industry experts as mentors. This mentorship gives an insight into what it is like to be a top professional in the industry. Therefore, the mentorship of these experts ensures that they are honing individuals to become future industry leaders.

Considered one of the best PGDM colleges in Odisha, ODM Business School’s PGDM program offers all these perks. The AICTE approved PGDM curriculum is designed in a way that it provides 80% practical learning. The curriculum follows the footprint of a globally renowned university and adds to the experiential learning modules. Integrating the top industry professionals as facilitators, the curriculum at ODM Business School also gives exposure to multiple field visits, industrial tours, and International Study Tours. Thus, the ODM Business School opens up a wide array of opportunities for students in the field, thereby accelerating their career growth. Undeniably, going for a PGDM degree at ODM Business School would be the best choice for B-School aspirants.

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