Is it yours – II ???

Strength to stay Alive

So friends, one more happening to share…

I have a bubbly friend Kirthika. Last evening while dining together she shared her wonderful story with me which I am going to share with you.

So here she goes,

In everyone’s life there are always some people after meeting whom we cannot believe that this guy/girl would be an amazing part of our lives.I also have that kind of silly friend Kahan. It was conference of our Basketball team in first semester of Post-Graduation when we met first. He was over obsessed with own self. He was very rude to others, never helped others and extremely arrogant guy. We never liked each other and I never believed that Kahan would be one of the people who can touch my soul ever. But everything got change at our farewell function.
Hua kuchh yu ki,

Our college plans farewell party every year. When we were about to leave the college they certainly arranged a farewell party for us too. In our college farewell party was never been limited to music, dance, experience sharing and food. It was all the time exciting by arranging interesting games for the students. One of the games was “Chit utha ke Bol”. In which a professor picks up the chit from students’ names bowl, the student whose name announced by the professor comes to stage, picks up the chit from the bowl in which topics are written and student speaks on the topic for at least 5 minutes. Something like that happened on that evening. Prof. Baxi picked up the chit. And do you know what??Prof. Baxi announced Kahan! Come my son!! And he walked towards the stage as if any rock star is coming and all the spotlights were on him.

I was murmuring that “Ohh!! Man unbelievable, now whatever chit he chooses, Aadha ghanta to pakayega”.

And there he picked up the chit and Peter Kaka handed over the mike to him.

And there he went,Heya friends! This is your Kahan. The words in this chit are “A day without women”.

(I was dead sure that now he will start pulling legs of women and will show that he is cool dude and independent.)

Without women I am a pen without ink.

(Everybody started laughing and I was as usual annoyed on him. But I got surprised when few more words by him dropped into my ears…)

Seriously buddies… I cannot imagine a single day without women though it is written here.

Without a woman I would have kept staring at my picnic going friends rather than enjoying along with them. My shoes would be resting into wardrobe instead of the ironed clothes lying there. Without her I might have the skills of reading and writing but I would not be literate. I may be polite to people because of their power instead of respecting them for their affectionate heart. My room surely rewarded with “completely ugly and tidy room” instead of being neat and clean. My plates at the time of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner would be filled with Bread Butter and raw materials only instead of Gobhi ke Parathe and Aam ka aachar and many more varieties. Only pricey watches were there on my wrist instead of priceless Rakhi. My interviewers would have found me in T-shirts and shorts instead of formal. Do you know,! My emotions surely would have transformed into Emojis for all rather than understood with feelings. I might have credit in college and corporate because of only degrees and certificates instead of the faith which a loving heart has in me without any evidence or proof.And in this particular era I would have owned a feeling of arrogance on my ability that my basketball team can sustain and win because of me instead of the feeling of pride on “a lady feels safe and secure when she is with me.” That is me. Yours Kahan. Totally dependent and one more guy of this planet who cannot survive a single day without women.Today I am from the bottom of my heart thankful towards all the ladies for being an exceptionally vital part of my life and for giving me the strength to stay alive. Thank you

Now we are good friends… ?

Everyone started clapping and gave a standing ovation towards these heart touching words by a rough guy. At the last day while leaving the college, he made a huge impression on everybody’s heart.

And from that day the seeds of friendship were ploughed between us and though he is the same worst guy today as he was before we are good friends now.

Now we are good friends ?

Byline : By Ruchita Jain, Student for life time