Equality for Women: Progress for All

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8th March to respect, appreciate and recognize the political, economic and social achievement of women all over the world. The theme for this year’s Int’l Women’s Day is “Equality for Women is Progress for All”. The United Nations General Assembly is of the opinion that for achievement of peace and social progress, there must be active participation and equality of women. Until the rights of women are established at a global level and seeds of inequality are trashed, lasting solutions to many of the World’s contemporary problems will lie within sands of oblivion. That’s one reason why Women Empowerment is one of the common goals of many socially concerned organizations including that of state and national administration.

Equality through Entrepreneurship:- According to one global survey, more than 125 million women are operating new businesses where close to 98 million are responsible for running established businesses worldwide. This reflects how there has been a remarkable shift at how the World looks at the fairer gender. They have made strides in every field starting from politics to business, sports to space science. It has been observed that nations that have better gender equality stats have better examples of economic growth; companies with a large chunk of women leaders are more productive and durable. Equality for women is a key to solve many of the world’s problems. This is because women entrepreneurs have the ability to see the world through a different lens and can do things differently.

Empowering Women for veritable Solutions:- In the recent decades, following more women’s access to education and health major progress has been witnessed by organizations and institutions that have adopted women empowerment as one of their co-agendas. Giving equal opportunities to women can help to combat challenges at the global level in sectors like environment, social infrastructure and world economy. Reduction of poverty for women has significantly helped in achieving sustainable reduction of problems like Poverty and Health issues at the global platforms.

Women and Leadership:- According to a recent survey, women occupy as less as only 37% of management roles in organizations across the world. It has been also been reported that women receive 30-40% less pay than men for the same kind of work they work. This is a biased practice against gender equality hindering the progress of everyone. In a world where men have outnumbered women in most of the sectors, it has been noticed that a woman has natural leadership traits within her. She is naturally hardworking, strong-willed and purpose driven bringing more productivity to her surroundings.

Securing equality for women will not only benefit them, but everyone as well. Celebrating Women’s Day alone doesn’t guarantee progress; by large, it may be achieved only with ensuring an increased percentage of female participation in all potential culture, functions, organizations and systems.

Disclaimer: This Article has been written by a member of Corporate Communications Team at Fortune Institute of International Business.

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