Schools of Delhi will be introducing Maithali Language for the students of 8th and 12th standard. Maithali and Bhojpuri are the two most spoken languages in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. So, it is believed that the Delhi State Government has taken inspiration from this.

Purvanchalis are people who moved to Delhi from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and it comprises 40% of the total population of Delhi. The Deputy Chief Minister has announced that Maithali will be officially introduced from this academic session onwards. Maithali will be an optional subject for the students of Delhi.

It would be a great help to those thousands of Maithili speaking people of Delhi. They will be able to pursue their mother tongue as one of their subjects in the school. The state government also wanted to add Bhojpuri as one of the subjects in schools, but they cannot do this as Bhojpuri is not a part of the constitutional language of India.

State Government urged the Central Government to add Bhojpuri in the constitution so that they can add it in the academic of the state. Delhi Government is also providing free coaching to those students who are opting Sanskrit as an optional language, and it is doing well. So, the Government is also planning to provide free coaching to those who are choosing for Maithali as an optional language.

Delhi Government has announced to felicitate the work in Maithali and Bhojpuri and to give recognition to the contributors of these fields.

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