Interview Experience – Nishant – IBPS PO – IV

Name: Nishant.

Date: 20th january

Panel : II

Location : Dena bank bhavan, Ahmedabad

Time: 8:30 AM

Document verification Was done is 5 minutes and my number was 4th in the list.

Tea and snacks were provided for refreshment of the candidates and all the officials of dena bank were very cordial and helpful.

Documents was needed to be arranged as per their given sheet with originals.

My Documents verification was completed at 9:40 AM (only 5 mins).

Then they asked four of us to go for interview.

1st candidate to 3rd candidate, interview run only for 10 mins.

My interview time duration : 15-16 mins.

While entering in the room, (Panel II – 3 males and 1 female)

Panel Member 1 : Nishant, right ?

Replied : yes sir.

Panel member 1 : come in and have a seat.Good morning nishant (all other 3 were also greeted me)

Replied: Good morning sirs and madam.

Panel member 1 : So nishant, You have done and then MBA, Do not you think you have more degrees than required ?

Replied: As per my view, having higher degree should not be judged.If a person is capable of doing required job, then he is qualified.Degrees and Post graduations helped to do the job much better. ( he asked me the question here.)

Panel member 1: You have plenty opportunities i think , in dairy technology.Why you left it ?

Replied: I was never into that field while graduation.As i was pursuing it, i couldn’t leave it in between otherwise my career might get ruined.So i had decided to change the graduation field by doing MBA at that time.So i have done MBA in marketing and HR specialization from Ahmedabad university. i added here that, i have joined one organization as sales coordinator which was private company in gandhinagar. but i was not 100 % in that job and felt insecure.As my father is bank, that also motivate me to come in banking sector.I have tried in IBPS 3 times before as well.

Member 1 : so you were not passed in the previous exams ?

Replied : I have cleared this exam last year but i was not satisfied by my performance.besides, i have not considered preference list seriously which was my mistake So i applied again to get into my desired organization with new preferences.

Member 2 : no you will be given any bank out of this of your choice.. (here they were fighting like, who is right.. they told me that preference is not a issue.).You have mentioned ECGC.

Replied : No sir, it is necessary to show your preferences, for example.. IBPS will consider those candidates for ECGC who have given it a first preference, as it has only 30 seats, not like that 1000th rank candidate will get a chance.

Lady member (interrupted me and members) : Yes he is right, only top 30 who have given ecgc, they will be allotted it.

Panel member 1: hmm… so now tell me what is marketing as in banking ?

Replied : marketing is is consumer awareness department of any organization.You can use word of mouth, TV advertising for marketing of you bank products, If you put hoardings at different sites, like at roads, posters then it is marketing, if you just show people you logo, then it is branding… If you show ad that your bank is giving deposits interest at 8.9 % then it is marketing.

panel member 1: stopped me at my answer and asked, you should go in marketing as it is your expertise ?

Replied : I don’t have that much good communication skills, i have hearing issues which restrict me from marketing field.Also in marketing job, one need to go to the field, cause getting marketing job is not tough.Every organization want persons for selling their products and i never wanted to go for it.  Thats why i have joined the company where there is not field work.

Panel member 1: Tell me something about dairy science, your graduation?

Replied : Dairy technology is Based on milk and milk products. GCMMF (Gujarat cooperative milk marketing federation) which is headed by vipul chaudhary, AMUL brand is Runs under it.There is a separate dairy named ” Vidya dairy ” for only students, where one learn about how to make milk and milk products, Ice creams etc practically.Bringing milk in the silos (silos are for storing the milk in dairy), then processed it.. to make SPM(standard pasteurized milk), Toned milk , double tone milk.

Then he stopped me and now panel member 2 :

Question : Now, nishant tell me.. what will you do to start a unit with 25 cattles with help of bank ?

Replied : first of all, i will find best cattle breeds and for that i will contact farmers.To start any unit, i need finance, to bring the milk from that cattle’s, i will arrange tankers and work men.TO make unit, i will need a land.So here bank can help me by providing finance to established the unit…

he stopped me here… how will you select cattle’s ? direct 25 or in batch ( conversation was done in HINDI as he asked me in HINDI) I told that i will prefer in batch,

i don’t have that much money (with smile) He also smiled and told me to leave it

and transfer me to panel member 3: 

Question : What are banking products ?

replied: Deposits of public, loans, advances, etc…

Question : How will you sell this products if you will be allotted rural branch ?

Replied : I will analyse the area as i am right now working in rural branch, i will contact tea vendors to spread the word of mouth for banking products. I will put posters in local languages to attract local public.And also sell the loans…he stopped me …. and asked : What types of loans you can offer to them in rural ?

Replied : Housing loan, Land Loan, Overdraft facility etc..

Question : What is lactation period ?

Replied : i don’t know.I mean i have heard this word but i do not have sure answer. He told me that i should know that as i have done

Now the last 4th member (lady member): (total conversation was in GUJARATI)

Question : Where are you working ? which bank ?

Replied : Oriental bank of commerce,naranpar branch,bhuj.

Question : So who are your customers ?

Replied : This village have many NRI people with general public. Question :What types of NRI accounts are there ?

Replied : There are NRE and NRO accounts.Non residential rupee account and non residential ordinary rupee account.

Question : what is d difference between them ?

Replied: NRE : opened by only NRI, Remittances can be done to other NRI account only from abroad as well. where as in NRO : You can remit from any account.

Question : total deposits in your branch ?

Replied : Around 100 lakhs a year.(they were saying no its less) Then they look at each other and told me thank you. then again other members greeted me thanks and i replied with thanks and left the room.

P.S. : This was my encounter for PO interview.All the best to all of you.I hope this will help you.Sorry for grammatical errors if you find.