Don’t push your point of view in an interview

Hey, People: Pursuant to a recommendation, I write to highlight few pointers that I realized during my admission process to be a part of ISB Class of 2016. 

First things first, I hope that you are getting some sleep at
night, though I understand your anxiety, which may be causing sleeplessness.
Beer (pints) can always help the cause positively so no harm in chugging one or
two these nights.

So coming to the discussion topic, interview calls for Mumbai are
rolling and for Delhi the process should start shortly. Therefore, I would like
to highlight that some candidates, mostly from Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi may
not receive interview calls until the first week of February.

Generally, applicants with diverse profiles and/or higher experiences
are interviewed at the campuses that too during the last stage. Also,
applicants who couldn’t be interviewed because of unavailability of slots in
their selected city are given an option to pick the interview date at a later

I was one such candidate. I was interviewed on Monday, 10
November 2014 and received an offer of admission from ISB on Friday 14 November
2014. My friend from ISB Class of 2012 had a similar experience in Round 2.

Other Pointers:

(A) Interview Panel has no
interest in your GMAT Score rather has questions pertaining to your profile. 

(B) Interview Panel may not
agree with your point of view on a particular issue so be smart and try to
change the topic as soon as possible (rather than to try to justify your point of view).

(C) Reading ‘Case in Point’
certainly helps, if you have indicated your interest in Consultancy.

(D) Icebreaker, generally,
revolves around your background, hobbies, or your journey to the campus so this
is your window to gage the Interview Panel at the outset.

All the Best!