International Conference on Techno Management Trends (ICTMT) Summit 2019 | ITM Navi Mumbai (Part 2)

Mr Amole Dethe,  Editor at Finbizness kept the panel discussion going by putting meaningful questions about changing technologies. He gave examples from all around the world. Where he has seen people being engrossed in technology. His queries also included the buzz word “Data”

Mr Rajesh Gopal, India Head,Corporate Gurukul answered the queries of the kind of demand is generated in the industry for students. He said ” Students at present needs a cutting edge when it comes to technology and a rich transformative experience is most welcomed.” There are times when students are seen educating their faculties about the trending technologies. He also said Indian education needs to be transformed to an application based education from a knowledge based system.

In the words of Mr. A Velumani, CEO ThyroCare Tech Ltd “Success in life is equal to Delta. “He shared the rich experience of his life. As per Mr Velumani Courage is the only thing a person gains when he has nothing to loose.

Ms Suniti Nanda, Fintech Officer Maha IT, said “Technology is not creating just something. It should to be solving problem for someone. Innovations has to happen in every corner.” Its time for us to move from good to great. One overwhelming thought from her was “If we all try to be great than we can make a difference.”

Fintech Panel discussion started with the buzz word “Data”. Mr Mohan Ramaswamy, Cofounder and CEO of Rubix Data Sciences Private Ltd talked about the problems of data decay. He said data needs to be managed before it decays.

Mr Vijay Chand, Country Head of Taxsutra started the discussion by stating ” How communities are facing the problems of banking, customer experience and data.” His energy was beyond expectations and kept the discussion on full swing.

Mr. Hemal Kotecha, Group Executive, VP for Digital Payments and Mobility at Yes Bank. Explains how they are trying to keep the data that is generated safely from getting in wrong hands. He also said that “Dynamics are changing daily which is again technology driven. Mr. Kotecha also spread some light on Open Banking.

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