Inductive Reasoning vs Deductive Reasoning for MBA Entrance Exams

Deductive reasoning is the process of reasoning to reach a logically certain conclusion. Inductive reasoning is reasoning in which the premises seek to supply strong evidence for (not absolute proof of) the conclusion.

In simpler terms, if you can prove something to be absolutely true, it is deductive reasoning whereas if the conclusion is probable, it is inductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning deals with a generalization which may or may not be true. Example:

1.All Math teachers are good at Math.

2.Ravi teaches Math.

Based upon these two statements, by deductive reasoning we can say Ravi is good at Math. Based upon the first statement, by inductive reasoning we can say if you teach something, you become good at it.

Question from XAT 2013:

1. Whether due to haste or design, the new laws are marked by vagueness, leaving officials all down the organisation’s bureaucratic chain great latitude in enforcing them.

2. The opacity of the language leaves the law open to manipulation on political grounds.

a)Statement 2 can be induced from 1

b)Statement 1 can be induced from 2

c)Statement 2 can be deduced from 1

d)Statement 1 can be deduced from 2

e)Both statements are independent

Answer is Option A because statement 2 is a generalization which may or may not be true based upon what is given to us in statement 1.

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