Indore court dismisses cases filed by CAT aspirants against IIM officials

The Indore High Court has dismissed all the cases that were filed against IIM authorities with regards to the CAT 2013 scores. 

It may be recalled that a few CAT 2013 aspirants had approached the Indore HC with the plea that their scores delivered by IIM authorities, were faulty. The CAT aspirants petitioned that IIM authorities explain the process  of  normalisation and also reveal raw scores. 

There were court cases filed in various courts by different sets of aspirants. While some cases slowed down, some never progressed, the ones at Indore High Court which were in progress, ended last week with the judge dismissing all of them. 

According to CAT officials, the court was satisfied with the IIM’s explanation of the scoring process and saw no merit in continuing with the cases. 

The closure of these cases came as a huge blow to some of the petitioners. The fact is that these cases were filed post CAT 2013 and right now, CAT 2014 admissions are in process. While the Madras High Court had directed that seats be kept reserved for the agitating candidates, the whole protest movement lost bite over time. 

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