Indians’ ‘stark’ obsession with Cricket

So I woke up from my evening nap a couple of days back and as soon as I opened my Facebook account, I found it flooded with posts from which I could grab 3 things- India, Kohli and Sri Lanka.

Very innocently, with a pure intention to gain some insight on what is actually happening, I put up a status-

“Am I the only one not knowing there is a match of India today?”

Pat came the following replies:

1) You should have some shame

2) Die

3) I don’t know you anymore

While I can easily digest 2 and 3 as humour, 1 shows how much obsessed Indians are, with cricket.

I don’t watch cricket.

I don’t like it, it doesn’t make any sense to me.

I might even hate the game.

It’s ok. No big deal. Cricket is not the only game. I might happen to like some other sport you won’t have even little knowledge of (@least I know who Dhoni and Sachin are). Just because Cricket is in news headlines and is the most ‘Famous’ game in India doesn’t mean every single person in this country will be watching every trophy or cup held in the world involving India.

The only two matches of cricket I have ever watched in life are world cup final 2003 and 2011, just because I like hooting along with my friends, for my country playing on international level. It comes out of a feeling of patriotism for India, never because of a liking for cricket.

For me, IPL has become like Big Boss, happens every second day. I don’t even remember what the names of the teams are.

Recently I was in IMT Ghaziabad for my interview for PGDM programme. One of the panel members asked me the following question:

“Since you belong to Rajasthan, who is the captain of Rajasthan Royals?”

Well, I had no idea of it. As soon as I politely replied

“I have no idea of it sir, I don’t watch cricket”

I received the same look as Farhan Qureshi received from the invigilator in 3 idiots: As if I asked him for both of his kidneys

It seems to be a sin if you don’t follow cricket in this country.

I never make fun of anyone if they do not get up from their sofa when Kohli is batting, in the fear of losing his wicket, even though it’s kind of lame. No, it is actually quite lame.

Cricket is a game, an entertainment and let’s say, our nation’s pride, but it doesn’t mean everyone has to like it. There are many other sports in which I can make you count how India has contributed and achieved at an international level, made our country proud and at the same time, also entertained people. It is just a matter of publicity and fame.

So even if some might think I am the one overreacting, I would rather say it to those who think cricket is the be all and end all of sports-

Please stop overreacting. Move on. There is life beyond cricket. If you can’t view, let others do.

And lastly and most importantly, stop treating people who are not cricket fans as some ‘Untouchable’ species. It only shows how stupid you are. Next time you come across a person not knowing who ‘Shikhar Dhawan ‘ is, be calm. If there wasn’t a biopic coming over the life of Mary Kom starring Priyanka Chopra, half of you would not know who she is. And that my dear, would have been a shame, because as you now know, she is a 5 time world Champion.