Is God a Gambler or Is It Just an Undefined Matrix?

While tossing up the coin in the air, we come up two possibilities either heads or tails. But, what if the coin doesn’t fall back? What if someone catches it before falling? Someone above us whom we can’t see and it vanishes in thin air. Somehow it doesn’t falls on the ground. Strange might it seems to read but our lives are also driven in such a strange manner. While we always consider the possibilities or better I say probabilities while thinking our options in life for betterment, I believe there is always a sample space we miss to count.

A hope of most obvious good or bad, corners us to two options same as the coin. Either it will happen or not. But something unpredictable yet possible is always missed..

I am writing this article because recently I’ve felt the same kind of phenomena where something so unobvious happened and left me stunned!

It was a morning call from a friend, and it was about a friend who was studying in country’s one of the most prestigious engineering college. He just mentioned her name and asked, “Man you remembered her?” She is in the newspapers today. The short impulse traversed in my mind and I thought, Yea, she made it! As I had expected she would have got a big pay package we have been talking about a couple of weeks back and would have secured a headline in the front page of the national daily. An ambitious girl she has been, always a scholar and it’s the time that she would have made it big. But as explained earlier perhaps we are so low in our thinking. The possibility of something obvious makes us stupid.

I was just about to ask back to the guy to tell me more about it but his words just shook the floor under my feet. “She is no more, an accident on the highway.”

”What?”.. .Words were like lost somewhere.

A bit more words from the guy and he hung up the phone but I really don’t remember what he spoke after that. More I came to know was that she was returning with her friends after a celebration of their stellar placements.

Does God really play dice or we are really very small characters of a bigger picture?

I really don’t know the answer but still thinking how stupid we are. How we consider ourselves intelligent enough to know stuff, but the situations makes us fools. We tell ourselves that we are the masters of our own destiny, but we aren’t. Is really a third force that governs our lives exists? Even if it’s not, then there is a matrix of possibilities surrounding us that we fail to see considering our samples space while calculating probability of our success. All I can deduce is that we will never know the rules of life and we will never be the masters.

We will never be sure of what will come after tossing the coin.