Indian Platter

Who would give any chance of survival to a newborn whose dilapidated body is plagued by a range of deformities and who is bleeding fresh because an important organ has been severed right before the birth? Only an insane optimist! But then, only the eternal hope of an optimist can safely guide through the life threatening situation. And thankfully, the newborn India had plenty of such determined optimists, the vision of whom gave birth to that beautiful patchwork – our constitution. The constitution which has not only guided the newborn India in the difficult times but also taken it to new heights such that it is now recognised as one of the major world powers. India is among those few countries that have not seen any major civil war since independence and if we consider its size and heterogeneity then this achievement gains monumental proportions. Hence it is befit to celebrate the day when the constitution was enforced. And let us wish that India soon discovers some insane and optimist leaders.

Infact, rating agencies and banks across the world have already discovered one. After Goldman Sachs and Nomura, Moody’s corporation has predicted that Narendra Modi might well lift the mood of Indian economy and that the worst of the Indian economy may be over as Narendra Modi is likely to do well in the upcoming elections. For the time being, he is doing so well in his promotions. Cunning opportunist he is, and how well has he cashed upon the ‘tea seller’ jibe of Congress and launched the ‘tea stall campaign’.

Blood reminds me of JAI HO!! For all its violence and loudness, the movie (read Salman Khan) is still able to drive home the message of humanity. In his unique and trademark way Salman tries to makes one laugh, clap, whistle and of course cry too. And despite the stupidity at few places, ok fine, let me not talk about stupidity after watching Dhoom 3 and I didn’t even watch Chennai Express ? By the end of the movie you would realise who is the real King Khan?

Blood and humanity also reminds me of the heinous and the bestial show of masculinity by the 12 persons when they raped a 20 year old woman and that too under the guise of maintaining the social order. The woman’s first fault was that she loved someone outside her community and the next was that she was poor and she failed to pay Rs. 50,000 as a penalty to Salishi Sabha – Khap Panchayat equivalent – of WB.

It is incidents like this which makes me wonder that somewhere it is the people of India who have failed her as a nation. If not for the nation let us perform the fundamental duties for the sake of humanity. And then this nation will automatically awake, in its true sense.