The path to securing a job while in business school for a student is either
through joining an established company or through
start-ups. An incubator can be a perfect bridge to make the big step from idea
to execution. Students at business schools with incubators, however, may have a
more direct route to joining a start up or launching their own. “An
incubator is like learning to ride a bike with training wheels
“. A business school
incubator can connect budding entrepreneurs with experienced professionals who could
advise on – creating new technology, marketing, funding and other useful

Today there are about 1,250 incubator programs in the U.S. According
to a 2015 report from the National Business Incubation Association about 32
percent of North American business incubators were sponsored by academic

In the context of Indian
Universities the Amity Innovation Incubator is a pioneering concept. Supported
by DST, Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI, ‘Amity Innovation Incubator
‘ has in a very short time of its existence earned an enviable position for
itself with start-ups which have regularly been on top of the innovation curve
and have been recognized on platforms like: The Power of ideas, Read Herring
Global winner, Tata NEN and NASSCOM Innovation Awards.

University Madhya Pradesh
provides students to get the advantage of Incubator
by providing Amity Innovation Incubator’s unique internship program that offers
its students with an opportunity to get exposed to the process of
Entrepreneurship via live internships program with Incubatee organisation.
While working with the Incubatees, students learn to wear multiple hats and act
as a trouble shooter to resolve live business problems.

Amity Innovation Incubator has achieved a lot by generating employment for more
than 3500 people, 263 patents filed by Incubator for entrepreneurs, faculty and
. Ground breaking technologies being commercialized and utilized by
groups such as Delhi Metro, LG Electronics, Microsoft, GreenSocs, Cadence
Design Systems, Himachal Pradesh Geological Department, Noida Traffic Police
etc. Strategic collaboration with incubators in Europe, USA and Asia, Forty two
start-ups established by Faculties & Students of Amity University, eleven
Incubatees funded under Support of Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development
of SMEs through Incubators. Risk Capital raised for 4 Incubatee Companies under

Innovation Incubator has a clear philosophy to encourage and incubate technology
based new enterprises

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